Moulded Doors (IS : 2202 Pt-1) and Designers Doors

Door shutters in homes and offices.


S.No. Test ISI Requirement Test Result
1 Dimensions & Squareness Length +0/mm
Width +0/mm
Thickness +1mm Squareness: not more than
1mm per 500mm length
2 General flatness 6mm. 2.0mm
3 Local Planeness 0.5mm 0.2mm
4 Impact indentation 0.2mm 0.10mm
5 Flexure Test Max. Deflection 5mm Max. Deflection 3mm
6 Edge Loading Test Residual Reflection 0.5mm Lateral buckling 2mm Residual Reflection .25mm 1mm
7 Shock Resistance Tests should withstand 5 impacts Can withstand 10 impacts
8 Misuse Tests No permanent deformation No permanent deformation
9 End immersion Tests No Delamination No Delamination
10 Knife/Glue Adhesive Test Pass standard Excellence
11 Screw Withdrawal 1000N 1800N
12 Slamming Tests No Visible Damage after 50 Drops No Damage
13 BucklingTest pass Standard Excellent


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